What of Those You-Tubers Who Say “I see the KJV Supernatural changes” Yet they Say Nothing?

To me there is no greater sign and wonder than the KJVB Supernatural changes.  I clearly have never seen such a supernatural occurrence in my life!  I am somewhat baffled by those who say “ya I see the changes what’s the big deal, keep it quiet, what of it?” or “ya I see the changes, then in the next breath they are quoting corrupt hateful scripture.”  Or Ya I see the changes but KEEP IT SECRET or people won’t read the bible and get saved.”  Promote a lie?  NO!

There are those also who see a few changes but DO NOT KNOW THE KJVB to begin with so how would they identify any changes??????

Those who do not know the book are often ashamed to admit it and will just lie.  They are always cocked for defense mode because their own heart tells them they are bad and wrong according to beast system programming that we have all endured.

The programming of emotional defense mode rolled out by the beast system in us all must be recognized in ourselves if we are to be in Truth.

Self awareness is a prerequisite and VITAL to spiritual awareness.  If a man cannot see his own emotional patterns of dysfunction and defense and modes, how then will he be in truth and see Truth?  DENIAL is the emotional survival skill of the masses and it blinds the eyes of those who are in it.

MOST PEOPLE APPROACH GOD BY MANIPULATION SHOWING HIM WHAT THEY THINK HE WANTS TO SEE AND TO HEAR.  Its not their fault.  The beast has done his job well.  But if we allow Father to form us as clay He will deliver us from Beast system programming of our blinding defensive emotions.

How do I know this?  Because the process of deprogramming is long and brutal.  Shedding emotional survival skills that are self deceptive is like shedding one’s own skin.  Its like taking away the pasifier from the baby.  This is why a suggest to all who want emotional and spiritual progress to work the 12 steps in a Christian way.

If you saw your house change from Red to Blue right in front of your eyes would you be affected by the event? Would you take pictures and share it on your Facebook page?  Hell yes!  People post crap on FB all day long. If something like that happened it would be their post for 6 months to come, would it not?

YET, people say, “sure I see the changes, what of it?”

Clearly these people are either lying, or are still half asleep spiritual and carnally.   Or perhaps they are bots, or they are working for the other team.

Anyone seeing such a grand end times sign and wonder who has a YouTube channel and doesn’t tell their listeners…to me something is wrong there.  I like to give the benefit of a doubt and say they are still half asleep and have no sensitivity to urgent or important events or they never knew the book and have not read it all the way through, and over and over and over as fervent seeking of God usually requires. These are my best explanations.

Its like your husband just got kidnapped by aliens and you say “ya I know, what of it?”

I apologize to those who don’t take the bible changes seriously and fall into one of these categories because this article probably seems like an insult.  Its not meant to be.  Its meant for spreading awareness to those who do see the changes and take them seriously.

As for those who say they see then wholeheartedly with conviction quote hateful and blasphemous scripture that degrades man or God in their next breath as if it were “the word of God” well their heart is not configured by The Father as it needs to be.  Only Father can make our hearts acceptable before Him.  We must offer up our heart for His spiritual configuration.  Its just that simple.  We cannot make ourselves good and holy.   This is the key to spirituality and sight.  Father gives us choice therefore he will not take our heart and mold it without our permission.

Therefore, those who say “the bible is the word of god”….these are in grave error.  They will need the gift of desperation to finally let God in truly and wholly.

Seeing God as a hater whose name is Jealous, and who slaughters people at the drop of a hat is not a God of Love “God is Love”.


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