The Spiritual War is Upon Us.

Crimes Against Humanity are not easy to process emotionally.

If God Almighty Brought you here.  And you see some of the deceptive changes the towers of babble have caused.  And you see God’s signs and wonders it’s not that by chance your here to read.

God is revealing His end of days plans to us his chosen.  Yes we are a little puffed up about the favor God has granted us in this time.  The flesh is present & so we accept our flesh as being inevitable…for now.  Actions do speak louder than thoughts and words.

Pandora’s Box Is Opened but God Almighty makes a way where there seems to be no way.  Grace abounds by Faith and by Hope restored.


From the 144

We confess now to all who read.  That you as brothers pray for the 144 about our false pride, our fear (a lack of great faith & trust in God) and our covetousness over God’s favor.  For it is God’s Love and favor that we covet. But not over our gratitude and warm feelings with reliance on Him our first Love, our salvation.  His Grace by Faith saved us.   We need His Grace every bit as much as the Gentiles need it.  If not more.  For those who have taken the prodigal walk know what it is to turn our backs to God and fall into darkness.  Our sins were many.  Yet we always knew that He is.  

To The Readers The Chosen Few

Do you wish to have knowledge of God’s Will toward His children on Earth?  Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Have you seen things which give you perspective that other people do not know or understand?

Do you KNOW something is coming, something new, big, beautiful and bad that is new under & over the Earth?

Be wary for some knowledge, some Truth brings with it great burdens which must be given to God.  Otherwise they could destroy a man’s attitude.

Some Knowledge can be deadly if not tempered with Love.

God showed us the Beast and by that we realized that knowledge can be quite deadly if not tempered with Love from God Himself.

Knowledge can rip through a heart like an alabaster knife carving a hole that will never heal.  Even a hole that could make the whole body blind and deaf.

Untempered knowledge can bring the fear of death to one’s doorstep.  At which time a fearful & powerful man would slay millions of innocent people just to quell the wretched fear of his own death or suffering.

Unabated (unabated=without any reduction in intensity or strength.   “The storm was raging unabated” akin to unrelenting.

Example of untempered dangerous knowledge-If a man gains knowledge of atrocity toward those he needs/loves it could result in rage unending.

Vengence is Gods because He is the only One who can handle it.  He is the only righteous judge.  Our hearts are not capable of judging mankind by knowledge alone.  Because we lack sufficient Love, temperance, reasoning, understanding, and we cannot see the big picture.  Humans will never “judge angels” in righteousness.  Because they are not capable.  What they do is pass unrighteous judgement on God’s Deity whom did and are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.  Yet mankind chooses better yet Christians on Youtube choose to blaspheme the name of God’s Holy Angels by acting as if they have the Love and knowledge to do so.  The campaign to character assassinate Holy Angels is relentless on the image of the beast.

Why condemn God’s Angels? 

Here I offer you reasoning of the Beast.

Because it is a detourance of Truth.  Demons are very evil and can be bound, crushed and cast out by The Spirit of God when mankind so chooses.  That’s reason one, to take the heat off of demons.

Two-The story in Genesess Six had to be altered changed rearranged. The truth stolen once again by the beast.

Why?  The real story must be told to see why the lies are engaged into it’s topic.  God’s chosen people written of in Gen. 6 are “The sons of God”.  Not angels.  They mated with infidels that was the problem.  By which they desecrated their bloodline.   The Old Testament used to be full of commands to keep Israel the people within their own blood line.  Because their bloodline is sacred.  God’s chosen.  But now the law is fulfilled by Jesus.  And the end commands the beginning.  You become chosen few by your choices toward God & man.  The true story empowers mankind with the double edged sword of Truth.  Not to be confused with the belt of Truth the armor of God.

The Desecration of Mankind’s Bloodline

Genesess (Jean sense) six was also a prophecy.  Telling the story of hybrids being created upon the Earth.  They were called “giants” but they are not giants.  What they are is half beast (animal) and half human.  Once the beast got the keys to the sale’s nuke it was on….shots to everyone, why?

To desecrate all of humanity with animal sale growth within them.  Literally turning men into part monkey.  Rat, and likely Pig.

And so the Dark Lord’s new prophecy comes to pass.

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” The bounds of their habitation? Means to control them by their blood one and all. By their new blood they are predictable. Excepting nurture vs. nature still has it’s day. Their learned behavior in other words still plays a part. But less and less and sales express.(I apologize for the co-ed.)

Make no mistake reader I studied the ingredients for over three years.  When they could be accessed online from the beast’s websites.  Not some video.  Not some rumble video.  No I have the list of ingredients and its not pretty.

So then the truth is that mankind was warned to not allow his bloodline his heritage to be desecrated.  They don’t want anyone repenting of taking the poison gee gnome therapy (co-ed).  With it’s can sir sale lines. It’s rodent and monkey Emma RAN (Emma are Anne a) (co-ed) commands to grow more,  It’s chemical hyper inflammatory chemicals like (PEG) and it’s rapid mite oasis of sales growth by implementing can sir sales into the mix.

My studies were on the ingredients not the stories and fairy tales.  They claimed the beast sale line commands to reproduce were merely the carrier a delivery system.  But the delivery system was the shot.  Tricking the immune system into thinking it received Emma ran commands straight from it’s own bodies immune system command center was the deception.

And the payload was the beast commands with the can sir for quick replication.  And the side effects of this type of genome their ape is always Cancer and Heart disease.  Myocardial infarction etc.

If you tuke those chots only God can help you now and He will by His Grace and by the Faith He gifted you with!  Please don’t take stubborn pride to the grave of souls.  You were tricked.  He will forgive those who ask.  The books say that they won’t repent of it.  But I say some will under the right light of Grace some will.

Now you see why the fallen angel story is so important to the beast.  It covers up the prophecy of hybrids, giants, desecrated humans.  Those who trust the beast enough to drink Esau’s Soup.  Esau sold his blood line inheritance for a bowl of soupy poison.

Do you not know that God’s own children spent years in deep dark sin on their prodigal walk? He forgave us and really we did far worse morally…but not.

When I asked God “How will I know the mark of the Beast”?  He said audibly to me (as He never before spoke to me audibly)  He said one word.

Acts 17:26 All now one blood says the Dark Lord.

And nearly all are. Father will either stop them or get the chosen out of here before they can devise a way to induce their poison by inhalation or stealth.  To change the lines of those who refused Esau’s soup.

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;”

Truth in plain sight.  Some say the change include Cain’s line of body commands.  They may be right.

Movie line from “Immortals” movie 

“For generations your people will stare into the eyes of their sons and they will see my likeness.  I will be remembered in every glance, every smile, every tear that is shed for eternity.”

King Hyperion______________statement of a diabolical man with too much power.


I knew it meant that the mark would be identified to me by it’s connection to “Zebra”.  The animal of two colors.  That of course is the first clue.  A zebra is both white stripes and black stripes.  A coat of two colors.

And by a dream God showed me more Truth.  The evil men have been fighting our immunes systems for years.  Why?  So they can tell our bodies what to be.  I would not doubt if they wish to implement their own immune sis stem by creating it and the many diseases they created and patented.
“microsoft im mune sis stem“.  Imagine the control they could gain over humans if they are the immune system.  Both the sickness and the cure.  Furthermore we surmise that they may have used a certain human [

Emma are Anne a] & [Dee Ann a] in 1/3 of the chots.  The genome of the antichrist.  Creating within the masses mirrors of himself for generations to come.  Making himself somewhat immortal.  It’s diabolical.  But when I heard this statement in a movie clip…a light went off.

Reverse engineered the back scene by 3D Printer

Zebra Technologies

The Keys to the sales nuke.


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