The Beast System’s Demoralization of God’s Children

A Billion Ways to Teach YOU that You’re BAD & WRONG so you can then be programmed as a goodly parrot.

Good Luck finding many real people left on YouTube.  Many who are real are in grave error.  There are a few left I think who are real and preaching Truth.   Is “goodly” new for you like it is for us?  How about “goodlier” or “goodliest” the new bible terms?

The Programming of the Mind

We in America have been shot down and belittled from every direction from birth onward.  My evidence?  Look at the self destruction of the masses.  Self destruction is self punishment by those whose hearts are broken early on by believing that their heart’s voice is just plain wrong and bad.  And so they punish themselves and become someone else who programming tells them people will like and respect. They become the parrot.

What is Programming & Mind Control?

  1. Demoralization of a child by heartbreak and trauma teach them their heart is wrong & bad.  Then they shut down their truth and pick up a MASK from off the TV.  They commence to become someone who isn’t “wrong & bad”.  =Mind Control.  Its that simple. 

Learn to recognize when the beast is pointing the finger at you by sneaky passive aggression.

Balance is vital.  We must have humility but not false guilt Love toward men but “serve God not man” shame for true sin but not false shame programmed by a TV that says “Look!  Your not right and good like these pretty people!”.  Hence so many authority positions in our everyday life to keep us in our place.  Including pastors, priests, and the like.

Shame makes us hide from God in fear.

De-Program from the Beast System.  The Truth will set you free, Get Real with God.

Lay on your bed or floor with your arms straight out to the side.  Now show God every piece of your heart that is hidden from Him.  Write down every fear you have as the little child.  Core fears of insecurity and the need to be loved.  We must first know ourselves if we are to be in Truth before Father.

Show Father you lack of trust in Him.  Show your fear of Him and fear of being rejected and abandoned.  Show Him the list of all you fears and ask Him to remove them.

If you think you have no fear your programmed that fear is a sin and have denied it.  Fear is not sin it is part of the human condition.  Fear will increase if we do not expose it to the light and confess it to Father and our breathren so it be lifted from us.

If human weakness kept men from God and Heaven no one would survive.  Apostle Paul reminds Jesus said, “My Grace is sufficient for thee”.  Paul mention “a thorn in my side” not a thorn in my flesh as it reads today.

We are as sick as our secrets

Further demoralization by the beast requires that your shamed by fear with words like “chicken, pu***, yellow belly, panzy, worm, and so on”  ALL THESE WORDS FOR a human emotions called FEAR that without fear men would NOT SURVIVE.  Yes Jesus said “fear not” however we are to be encourage when we have fear.  We are to share it one with another so we may be strengthened by sharing experience with fear.

Instead we hide fear away in shame as if men are only good when fearless!



We are also shamed for “hurt” as portrayed in the programming of the 60s and 70s and 80s if your hurt by someone it makes you weak and of a lesser value than he who hurt you.   As if we are supposed to have no heart of flesh but instead a heart of steel.  We are shamed by the beast for “hurt” and tears.  

CRYING IS A HEALTHY EMOTION Why People Feel Shame when they Cry?

To be controlled you must shut down your healthy emotional processes!

I don’t know about you but I have been taught that crying is bad and to shut it up.  That crying is something you must SHUT DOWN at all costs.  The first time I learned that crying was acceptable at all was from my aunt, but by then it was too late, I was already programmed to shut my tears down.  I had already repressed my tears and emotions by shame and habit.

When I got sober in 2006 the second time being delivered by Jesus from addictions it took me nearly a year before I was even able to produce a tear once I learned from my counselor that crying is part of healthy emotional processes.  I shut down my tears and made myself very sick by the directives of the beast system around me.

Hide your fear/tears/hurt/ it will multiply.  The more we hide the sicker we get.   People are shamed by TV into becoming those characters they watch on TV who are “kool”.  The invention of “Kool” is for mind control.  Kool was one of the beasts most effective measures of mind hijacking.  Follow the leader, parroting, programming is invoked once we are demoralized and afraid to be ourselves.


By the time men and women are adults the walls of protection are up.  The emotions are shut down, the tears are stuffed, and the sickness is seven fold withing the heart and mind.  At this point no man will allow even a hint of vulnerability toward other humans. No man will show ANYONE his true hear because by now he himself doesn’t even know who he is.

Example:  I was telling my therapist a horrible scary violent story about my past.  I had a sick smile on my face while telling it.  I was literally beside myself.  I sat in the chair while my emotional condition was floating in chains next to me.  He said to me, “why are you smiling at such a horrible story”?

At that moment with God’s help I realized with epiphany and Holy Spirit depth that I had taken captive my own heart and chained it beside me where it could not speak or touch me.  I HAD NOT ONLY LEARNED HOW TO NOT FEEL BUT I HAD ALSO LEARNED HOW TO NOT CRY.

I remember while telling him the story thinking subconsciously “I will not feel what I am saying”.

Ladies and gentlemen I had repressed so much pain that had I not taken drugs for 30 years I may have let myself die.

That day was the beginning of Jazweeh becoming who she really is.

Do we really know our heart’s voice?

To begin to become who we are meant to be is hard work.  Especially if you shut down your heart to the point of running on intellect instead of the heart or at least heart and intellect mixed.

If I act this way then they will like me.  If I dress like them then I will be “kool.”

Common Programming of Belittlement & Demoralization

  1. Your uncle’s a monkey your grandpa is an ape….own it!
  2.  Your too stupid to understand our science so just swallow everything we spoon out.
  3. The moon is a zillion miles away
  4. The sun is 50 zillion miles away but ya sure you can still see it because of thing YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND.
  5. Just because you can see that star it burnt our years ago.  Its not even there.
  6. Sure all the water and earth are flat but you CAN TRUST YOUR OWN EYES.
  7. The earth is spinning at a zillion miles an hour while it vollies through space at the same time.  (clue if the numbers are too large to understand they are a lie set to intimidate you.)
  8. The lies go on and on about space, archaeology, science.
  9. Beating and spankings by those we trust hence “we deserve to be beat”.
  10. Education System that dumbs us down my multiple choice which trains the brain that “there is only ONE RIGHT ANSWER” Forced closed mindedness by repetition.
  11. The humiliating way we are treated in schools where children mock one another for being original and thinking original thoughts.  This is by design.  Different is only acceptable if it aligns with the twisted morality of the beast system.  Any other DIFFERENT is mocked as “weird, crazy, insane, embarrassing, shameful, etc.”
  12. Why is it so hard for people to do public speaking?  Because every heart is taught that it is bad and wrong therefore standing before a room of people means we stand before a room full of people who are ALL BETTER THAN WE ARE.  Fear of people results when you think all people on the face of the earth are better than you.  Therefore all manner of self editing and self oppression spring forth.
  13. We cannot invent and create original things of any kind if we fear being who we really are.  THIS IS BY DESIGN PEOPLE.
  14. Aluminum and Mercury & fluoride are the favored drugs of the elite to dumb down the masses.  They put it in every injection and in as much food as possible.  If they can’t fluoride your water they will fluoride your growing vegetables.    Pesticides, poison clothing, poison furniture, poison houses, poison carptet, poison EVERYTHING.  And they will not stop consumerism of plastic and plastic and plastic and plastic till its hormones are part of you.
  15. The poisoning of humans is endless.  It would take a book to cover it all.

KNOW THEM BY WHO THEY SHOW YOU THEY ARE not by who they tell you they are.  They are poisoning you and your children literally…start there, at the poisoning of our food supply.  Research food for a while and what is being done to our food supply and seed.  This is how my introduction to the beast system started.

First I had to emotionally get through the blame of Dad and the ignorant teaching and oppression that he put on me from birth enforcing the “I am bad and wrong” in me.  My heart was broken at the age of 4 when I found out who they taught me I was.    Its natural to blame our parents for our emotional sicknesses.  And they are responsible to a point, yet they are also victims of the beast system at large. (not that being a “victim” in this day and age has become unkool.  This is also by design for if we realize we are victims we will find a culprit.)

To see ourselves in truth without being clouded by unprocessed emotional baggage takes work.  Writing is very beneficial.  Before I could share my true heart’s voice aloud I had to first write my Truth on paper, my fear of being myself was etched so deep that before I could speak my heart I had to write my heart.  I would turn so red in group therapy when I shared my heart’s thoughts and dreams and fears aloud…my body literally was raked with false shame.  I turned beat red when sharing my heart.

We turn to our family to blame them.  We turn to our abusers, sexual abuse and violent beatings along with emotional abuse and being shut down time and time again.  All our resentments toward our loved one’s must be processed before we get around to seeing the beast in its truth light….or true darkness I should say.


Don’t get stuck on parental resentment.  Feel the pain, cry it out, this could take a year or even two years to process the anger toward a core level abuser.  Scream, cry, write, and do guttural sounds if necessary.  Some pain is far too deep for even tears to relieve.  Some pain requires moaning and groaning to release it fully.  Use your car in private for processing your deepest emotional pains.  If you do you will feel great pouring out of endorphins into your body that heal.

I confess when I got sober and learned how to process emotional pain in group therapy, pain, hurt, and abuse that was repressed for years on end….I saw one of my sisters do guttural sounds in front of us as she rolled on the floor she moaned from her very bowels as noone I had ever seen.  Her actions would have been labelled sick and wrong in my family.   I saw her let out dark dark pains of abuse that she had held in for years.  It sounded even demonic.  I realized then that our emotions can morph into something very dark if we do not release them they can destroy us.  This is why men and women in this country are SO SICK and need drugs.

The women in my therapy group all stayed sober now going on 15 years or more because of what we learned in that group and combined it with the 12 steps for more emotional processing.  The 12 steps when done in a Christian light where Jesus is our Higher Power teach us a process of letting go that we can use all of our lives.  Every Christians should work the 12 steps because we have ALL suffered from abuse by the beast system.

Men will rally around their beatings from their fathers saying “I needed it”.  The physical abuse that is labeled “Love” is labeled nurturing by a horrendous beast system.

Then once a girl becomes a woman when she gets with a man who beats her she wonders why?   Furthermore that “Love beating” is now “assault and battery”.  THIS SHOULD WAKE ANYBODY UP!

VIOLENCE IS NEVER LOVE.  And Love is NEVER VIOLENT toward another women/man and especially not violence toward an innocent child my god how are we so brainwashed to see violence toward the innocents as Love?  My God.

I heard a preacher the other day on the radio preacher and lifting up his mother and how she backhanded him, how her violence toward him was so “loving”.  THIS IS THE EPITOME OF MIND CONTROL.

THE BIBLE HAS CHANGED.  If your heart now agrees with the sick scriptures you may have a real problem.  The beast system has twisted men upside down.  Wrong is right and right is wrong.  It takes a deliverance from God Himself to be awakened to this process of lies and pain.

And THEN once we see the beast, my god what do we do with the anger?  In comes the 12 steps again. Work the steps, be angry and sin not.  Rely on God and in all things give thanks.  Gratitude is one of the keys to acceptance.

Give thanks in all things.  Cry, process, moan, groan, scream, allow the pain to leave you.  We must feel to heel.  By prayer and supplications in all things rely on Jesus for your healing.  But learn to do the footwork.  Don’t stay shut down brothers and sisters.

Why is emotional processing so important?

Because Jesus is The Truth and we cannot come before Him in Truth and be real with Him if we do not know ourselves and are blinded by our emotional baggage.

Why will Most People Miss the First Rapture?

We at believe that most people will miss the first rapture because they cannot become as little children as instructed by Jesus.

“We must become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.”

Little children show humility.  They are truthful with their parents.  Before little children are corrupted by the beast they share their truth heart and speak their true mind.  Little children say what they mean and mean what they see.

Little children are teachable.  Little children are able to change and accept that they make mistakes and are wrong sometimes.  They do not wear a mask before God.  Emotional baggage has solutions that 99.9% of mankind are using today.  Denial, lies, fake, acting, pretending, parroting, copying, becoming someone else” are the solutions to the “I am bad and wrong” programs.

Blindness occurs when we are steeped in denial of our true heart.  This is why its so important to wear the belt of Truth part of our spiritual armor.

The belt of truth is the first piece to fall off when we are programmed to become someone else.  All day long I watch people on YouTube who seems to be wearing the helmet of salvation but yet they are deep under the strong delusion of the bible changes.  They don’t see the abomination of desecration spoken of by Daniel.

The Great Tribulation will drive Men to the Desperation that they need to become who they really are and to walk in Truth again.

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