854 Deceptive New Dark Lord Scriptures

Every time (854 times!) the AUDIO bible says “saith the lord” (saith was spelled ‘sayeth’ pre babel towers author of confusion) the most popular free audio bibles quite clearly pronounce saith the lord as “Seth The Lord“.   it’s portraying honor to the Dark Lord Seth who has authority of all bibles now.  His name is Seth the god of chaos and all the evil humans have commited on this Earth gave Seth his authority.  God Almighty doesn’t do all the work. He appoints gods and they are real.

The bible rewrites are by the Author of Confusion. He is Seth the lord of darkness and disaster. And this Earth is under his rulership now. By humankind’s own actions we put prophecy to work.

Psa 76:12

“He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth.”

The Dark Lord’s bible once my holy bible, is now desecrated…as prophesied. The book labels Jesus a “prince”. So the Dark Lord proclaims he shall “cut off” God’s Spirit in psa 76:12.

But really what will happen according to True prophecy is God shall call all of those children with His Holy Spirit to leave this fallen kingdom of darkness. At least for a time. And the Gentiles will have their last chance at seeking Truth, The Way, The Light, The Life that comes in Jesus name. And their last chance to seek God Almighty by seeking Him in desperation during tribulation.

The words “cut off” were not even in any KJVB used in such a fashion of meaning that it is now.   As if “cut off” means kill or sharply put an end to.

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