My Out of Body Dreams of End of Days

First #1 To Hell & Back

I went to hell where there was a man worshipping The Bible.  He clutched the bible to his chest.  He quoted by heart every scripture.  He paced the top level of Hell hoping to be delivered by the book.  I had no idea what this dream meant at the time.  I was focused on telling my Grandfather who was stuck in purgatory purgatory that by the way I did not believe in until the out of body dream.  I sought my grandfather because I knew somehow that because he spent his days at the bar was not worthy of God’s Love.  I went there to tell him that God is His judge NOT HIMSELF.  We have no right to condemn ourselves.  I learned this by that dream.  Grandad hid from me.  A demon spoke to me “why do seek him?  He is one of the worst one’s down here!” said the quirky small powerless demon.  I said nothing to it in response.  I prayed Grandad would hear me anyway.

Dream #1 Hell, Purgatory, and The Supernatural Desecration of God’s Holy Books.  (one and all old and new)

I now know that idolatry of the bible is a soul sucking mistake for those who call the defiled bibles by God’s holy name “The Word of God”. John 1.  Oh sure I know the bible NOW calls itself by God’s holy name making itself God.   The wolf sits in the once Holy Book desecrating and making it desolate.

It is prophesied by the Amos 8:11 &12 and by 2nd Thess 2 (let the READER understand!) The changes are covered up by the strong delusion.  We could call it Strong’s Delusion.

Yet its too obvious for goats to see.  Its too coy for run of the mill Christians to detect.  Only those in full armor God’s warriors and His Loved ones His little lambs remember. Even with script like “hate your family” and “slay them before me” and “suck the breast of kings” and so on.  Still they call bibles by God’s name.  JESUS HAS LEFT THE BOOK TO THE WOLF.  The Lion has left the lamb.  The wolf now lies with the lamb.  It lies and it lies both.  And those who rely on doctrine for their salvation.  They know not God they never build a prayer relationship with God who nurtures their Faith.  Hope of salvation is our helmet.  Yet the word “Hope” is disappearing from the bible as in the Ephesians script.  It’s not an eternal helmet of armor without the eternal gift of Hope attached to it.

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