Mandela Effect Amelia Airehart Now Earhart Fails in Her Journey Apparently

Chronicle Covers: The disappearance of Amelia Earhart - I call bullshit!

Deceptive Signs and Wonders Strike Again.

Or perhaps the -heart warming to women kind- story was always just FICTION.  We, the local “debt slaves, cattle” as we are probably called by the elite will likely never know.

The story was that Amelia AIREHEART,  as I remember it (now Earhart ridiculous) succeeded in her trip around the world before any other.  Including the guy in the movie ‘around the world in 80 days’.  Now the story and name of the star of the story is different.  She went missing and did not achieve the final stretch of her journey.  Whatever!  Okay I got angry over this change which didn’t do me any good.  Then my husband told me “get off your high horse”.  Am I on a high horse?  Maybe. Oh ya and now she had a partner on the trip…a two seater.

Some people think the great tribulation already started and we who see the Mandela affects and signs and wonders were moved to a sister earth to be safe.  And all the people around us who are blind are just basically bubble wrap filler.  I don’t think so.  I think we are in pre-trib.  And I think shit is fixin’ to hit the fan come late January.   And likely as well 12-21-20 is looking very hazardously suspicious.  Seems like an alien disclosure is emanant. Likely a coverup for the coming rapture.

After all the power players hoard all the ancient revealing end times prophecies.  Who knows what Nostradamus really said.  Who knows what was really in the Bible before they put their ink to it.

Don’t try to “wake anybody up” as they say…either those who are confronted with signs and wonders will get angry or they will call you bad and wrong for seeing what you see…the many many miracles and signs and wonders.

I warn you don’t fall asleep with a TV on in front of you.  Better yet unplug it and remove its internet connection.  Hopefully you have all your devices hard wired so your not sucking up 2.5 & 5.0ghz night and day.  Earth resonance is around 8 hertz.  So logically that is the frequency our bodies like to be around.

My husband is very nice usually but he absolutely does not want to see any miracles of God, or deceptive signs and wonders of Satan.  Why?   Then, as my daughter told me she or he would then be forced to look at God, the bible stories and the rest of the scary prophecies that have been passed down for centuries.  At least she knows the reasons why she won’t look.

My emotional condition is not always bright and cheery.  I have alot of anger.  Thing is like Jesus said, “be angry and sin not”.   And I don’t care what He said about thoughts…there is NO THOUGHT CRIMES.   That my friend would be tyrannical to be judged on our thoughts instead of on our actions.  Granted evil thoughts are evil and that is Truth in what He said. I am saying its interpreted wrong or has been changed.

Ask God for your thoughts.  They do matter.  But sin lies in the realm of hurting one’s self or others.  Wrongs against God and man are what sin are comprised of.  And if you see your thoughts heading in that direction its a heads up to ask Father God or Jesus or both for help.

God will not impose.  Free will is given so we can choose a side, good or evil.

Granted evil men do good and good men do evil.  God looks upon the heart.  Be like King David a man after God’s own heart.  Above all He sought God in his life…at least that’s the story.  And its a good one.  Of course it may have changed.

Blessings to you all and be sure to visit where I post most of my predictions and end times topics.

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