How to be an Overcomer & Know God Better

The Armor of God Requires TRUTH and alot of it

First of All friends we do not die for Jesus sake.  That’s inverted.  Jesus came for two great reasons.  1. To bring God’s Holy promises to us…His words.  2. To take the keys to death and Hell by overcoming death we too overcome death.  And we hold the keys to death and Hell as well.  Because we are in Him.  To be in Jesus is to know Him.

Sidenote bible blasphemy:  We know that baptism didn't exist until John the Baptist & Jesus in N.t.  We know (hopefully) being baptized is into new life more abundantly in Jesus.  Born again of Spirit.  Now in Old Test. they are being baptized into Moses no less.  Bible changes la-supernatural!

The Inverted Gospel

Matthew 16:24-25
“Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”  Pish posh!

“For my sake”? Jesus doesn’t need us to be murdered for His sake.  What would He get out of that anyway.  Martyrdom spiritually benefits those who stand for righteousness unto death.  Does it strengthen the kingdom of God?  Perhaps in some way.  But Jesus is already saved, delivered, healed, and transformed.   For us to die for Him is an inverted gospel.  He came so we would overcome death and hell & so we too could hear God’s words and put them into practice in our lives.  Plus the prophecies Jesus brought us now fulfilled, show the children of God what season we are in.  And help the children understand who they are.  And what He meant by the double (x2) meaning prophecies.

Its not our job to die for Jesus.  Jesus has already ascended to The Father.   He did this so we may have life more abundantly!  We now have the keys to death and to Hell if we know Him in Truth & in Love.  We have Jesus who is there for us for healing, deliverance, Truth, rescue from oppression, and more.  He is the Way to God Almighty.  By Truth we have the armor of God.  Jesus is The Truth, The Light, and The Way.  He is a lamp for our soul.  He is our Teacher.  Our Savior in the Way that He died to get the words of God to us.  But knowing Him in this Life, this Life is crucial to our spiritual walk.

Israel are not some country.  Geographical location doesn’t make a man.  God Almighty is not a shallow prejudice Creator.  “God looks upon the heart” and by the heart He sees us.

Who are Israel from the bibles?

Israel are those who follow in the Way of Jesus.  They walk as He walked.  They see Him and are guided by Him.  Yes they experience persecution in life.  And they see what He foretold.   They see prophecy that isn’t easy to process emotionally.

They are warriors and they are children.  Hence the “man-child”.

Israel are the woman of revelation 12. Its late in the game children.  The time for learning how to become Israel is late.  The best those who are late in the game can Hope for at this stage is martyrdom.  It’s the shortcut to the kingdom of God.

Two Israel’s

Israel the warriors who did the works of the overcomers.  And Israel the martyrs who did not the works of Israel, yet their stand in righteousness unwavering against The Beast results in their death.   The shortcut to the Kingdome of God.

What works Did Israel Do, Scribe?

Good question.  They are born again.  Later they received the gifts of The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands while proclaiming Jesus name.   By the gifts given to them they spent years in solemn intercession.  With great resounding cries of grief, sorrow, mourning, and The Spirits leading they did travail as the woman of Rev. 12.  This intercession was for souls lost.  They could look into the eyes of the lost and feel their oppression of evil.  They took it on themselves and prayed it down to Hell.  Years on end went by and then finally in 2017 they realized end of days is here.  The cries of intercession finally stopped.

They mounted up with staff’s from God Himself in hand waging war with the beast by higher languages of dialects from Heaven itself. Oh yes the gift of tongues is trashed on the image of the beast (TV) for a reason.  I explain the gifts of tongues here.

They waged war and brought down many strong holds, says the Scribe of God.  Walls of demons crash & burn.  First in Spirit then results come in carnal.

Israel are the 144.  They began to see prophecy after prophecy come to pass.   Nearly all of Jesus’s words and many of the Old Testament words coming to pass.  Modern day miracles happening in plain sight.  Israel rarely sees fulfilled prophecy by the TV news streams.  No.  The prophecy they see is in real time.  We know the fulfillment the TV pronounces are undeniable as well in some cases.  But Israel know their relationship with the image of the beast.  They rarely believe what it proclaims.  Truth drops reside in TV shows nevertheless.

God showed Israel who they are.  They now know their power and have stepped into their self confidence.

Will they be martyred. Lets hope not. Some must be martyred for it is foretold in prophecy. But Israel knows God they do not need another way into the Kingdom of God hence martyrdom is to die for righteousness sake. That means to stand in righteousness unrelentingly which results in their own death. For they already have the keys to death and to Hell. Death cannot hold them. Israel is not religious. Legion is religion and its vile. Legion turns more people away from Truth than any other faction. Legion is worse than the seven deadly sins.


Book knowledge is not enough.  All, All, all have the eternal spiritual gift of Faith.  Where we put that Faith is what matters.  Therefore its important to ask God Almighty to reveal Jesus to us.  To know Jesus and realize the power of His name by which The Holy Spirit comes to us is vital.  These realizations come by experience.  By seeking God we find Jesus.  How do I know Jesus?  See my testimony of Him working in my life.

Make no mistake you are programed to repel the name of Jesus.  Do you feel it?  TV, is the Image of the Beast.  TV programs the masses to despise the name of Jesus and all of those wielding His name.  Oh yes, His name is a powerful spiritual tool by which The Holy Spirit of God comes to mankind.

The Testimony of Jesus Working in Our Lives is the Gospel.

If you do not have a testimony of Jesus working in your life YET fear not.  We all started somewhere.  The 12 steps will help you know who and why you are.  Everyone is programmed into codependency.  It’s the go to program for most people who want to know God better by know themselves.  If we don’t know ourselves how will we approach God in Truth?  This may not make sense now but revelation comes by working the 12 steps.  Yes from God.  God is in every step if done in Truth.  But you must take the very DEEP DIVE into uncomfortable proclamation of Truth.  If your not uncomfortable with it then your not being honest in your deep dive of self.

The gospel is the testimony of what Jesus has done for those who know Him here and now.  Deliverance, healing, and more deliverance and healing.  Getting to know Jesus by prayer and meditation helps us also know ourselves.  And ultimately we know our own heart overcoming most defects of character that reside in the flesh.  But not all.  No one we know has overcome all shortcomings to be perfect.  For that is not how God made us.  Perfect humans would just fall into false pride and/or judgement of others.  It’s a viscous human cycle.

The best we can do is overcome our worst defects of behavior (sin) by realizing our repeated patterns.  And then finally accept that God made us imperfect.  And that is how we will remain until we are made uncorrupted and immortal beings.

You Can Change & Overcome Your Worst Shortcomings!

We are the imperfect overcomers with God’s help.

See list of available 12 step programs 

Work the 12 Steps of AA, NA, OA, CA, AC any of the addiction types that fits.  Codependency being the most common dysfunction.

If you would like to know your patterns of dysfunction revealed by a system of awareness that requires a little work and alot of deep self searching Truth I know a way.

But usually we will need to do these steps more than once.  And one other empathic listening is required for one of the steps.  Also God Almighty will have to be included in the work for the steps to reveal to us our ways, whys, and hows.

Pitfalls of Self Analyses

Most people get stuck at Mom and Dad when trying to work an honest working of the 12 steps.  They cannot see past their own emotional fail safes.  Denial is in place to protect those we Love.  But unfortunately our picture stories of mom and dad is that “they did the best they could (and they did)” the rational is are marring the Truth.  What truth?  The Truth that tells us why we are so defensive emotionally.  Why we have a pattern of blaming others for our own wrongs.  Why we can never admit we are wrong.  Why we either cannot apologize or we over apologize by people pleasing B.S. And the steps will show us why we have put strong and tall walls around our heart keeping Truth out.

We will get answers to why we are wearing a mask hiding our true heart.  And what’s worse is most people believe they are the mask they are wearing.

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