He Gave them Up to a Reprobate Mind & Beast System “Marriage”.

Beast System Has no business in our Vows  IF I wish to make a binding contract via VOW with someone that is my business.  But know this marriage is usually bondage, controlism, manipulation, and nearly always goes bad by stealing our freedom to live as our own heart needs to.  Why?  It was created for money $ and for enslaving men & women.

And as the bibles become more and more desecrated so too do the minds of men follow suit.  Watching the YT preachers shows us the progress of the desecration the Locust brought unto mankind.  They neither remember God’s Truth nor can the recall the Holy Bible as it was just 6 1/2 years ago.

The Bibles are soon to be desecrated for (7) seven years.  At seven years something WILL happen.  We just are not certain what it will be.  Men are being gathered, yes.  By the chot their lives are taken.  And by the Locust their minds are turned to rot.

New Scripture is wrong in several ways.

“For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.”

“you-ward” that’s new and odd.
FLESHLY WISDOM” is a contradiction of terms. There is no such thing.
Wisdom is of the spirit. Wisdom comes from God Almighty. The flesh is at emnity with The Spirit. Wisdom calls out in the street and is rejected continually.
The wise are those who have become the clay in God’s hands. The Spirit of God shall lead them into all Truth.

“testimony of our conscience“?  Hmmm If that’s a thing it would be a confession.  The conscience is the restrainer of evil in mankind.  The conscience produces regret, remorse, guilt, and shame when we act contrary to our own heart.  These feelings are for a reason.  So we don’t act against our own hearts.  Conviction isn’t the job of the Holy Spirit.  Conviction, meaning taking hurtful actions toward others or self results in unpleasant feelings.  The good conscience keeps men on track morally.  It restrains our sinful or hurtful actions toward others or self.

If we don’t  “sear the conscience” into oblivion.

The Bible and my experience is clear on the purpose of The Holy Spirit Baptism.  It’s for supernatural gifts unto men.  It comes by praising Jesus by name.  And by the laying on of hands in prayer from those who already have it.

Also The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth.  And the gifts of The Spirit are a mystery to those who do not have The Spirit.  The gifts are often lablelled “evil” by those who do not understand.

By the Grace of God they “have their conversation in the world”  WTh?  This means nothing worth writing about.  What does that mean?  To have conversation in the world? It’s a pointless sentence because “the world” includes everything we know of.   And we know what conversation is.  It requires more than one person for starters.

So why in the hell would this …whoever need the Grace of God to have conversation at all?   We label the entire scripture NONSENSE!

IT GETS WORSE BROTHERS AND SISTERS IT GETS WORSE  Let’s take one abomination at a time.

Jas 4:14
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
Error-“little time”  “Little” does not in any way describe time.  Small is little.  These words apply to matter that can be sized by a unit of measure in the corporal realm.  The scholars would not have written holy words in this manner.
Jas 4:15
For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

Error-  “Ought” is not a word of the English language and certainly was not Old English the poetic and beautiful articulate language of the real KJV.  It’s trailer park dialect.

Jas 4:16
But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.

To “rejoice” is of God and drives from Joy of being in & having The Holy Spirit.  “rejoicing” NEVER APPLIES TO EVIL.  Rejoicing stands alone as a godly term.  So what this beast wolf standing in the holy place is saying is this

“all rejoicing is evil”

the wicked one sitting in God’s once Holy temple of His words (2 Thess. 2) is proclaiming blasphemy from the once holy temple.  And so the tower of babble continues.

Jas 4:17
Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

“him who knows” or “he who knows” is the proper use when writing of humans.  We are “who’s” not “that’s”.  It’s a passive disrespect to all of mankind.

James 4:17 Just asserted to make every decision to do nothing A SIN.  This scripture is asserting the accuser of the Breathren.

doeth is not a word either.

Know this friends EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.   We must pray that we are not deceived in these days because between the Locust and the tower of Babble all words are becoming weapons against mankind.

“Do not allow your good works to be spoken of as evil in your heart”  For those who have The Holy Spirit are also guided by The Holy Spirit of Truth

It is time for us to realize we were not “bad & wrong” after all.  The beast’s programming motives is to make every human being believe their Truth is wrong and bad.  And that “different” is bad.    All our lives the Image of the Beast passively showed us just how wrong and bad we are by putting those before us in movies and shows as being perfect without flaw.  Furthermore the Image has a thousands and one ways to demoralize human beings without their knowledge.  It’s in every show.  It conjures hate and tries to nourish that emotion in us.  And it shows dysfunctional controlling codependency as being a way of life that’s good.

“They have a God and we are not it”.  Each man makes his own choices.  All we must do for those we Love is allow them to fly free.

The teachings on the Image show that “relationship is bondage”.  And the beast invented marriage.  If you are to take a vow that is between you and whoever the vow is made with.  THE STATE AND MONEY HAVE NO BUSINESS IN OUR VOWS.

“Its better to not vow a vow than to vow and break”.

WHO THE FU** MADE THE RULE TO PUT US INTO BONDAGE WITH SOME OTHER HUMAN?  I will not have it.  The only reason to let the Beast system marry us is to have a hold of financial bondage and moral bondage over the other person.

THAT IS WHAT MARRIAGE IS.  Sorry.  Granted some marry the right person and do not experience such manipulation and control from them.  Most are not so fortunate.


“Your my wife so you owe me”!  Says the controlling manipulate man.   Do not put yourself in that position out of fear.  He will stay if he wants to stay.  We owe nothing to he beast system.

Consequently the word “WIFE” is not all over the new changed bibles.  Eve was NEVER Adam’s “WIFE”.  Such B.S. is unacceptable.


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