The Dark Lord & Strong Delusion. Deceived Watchmen.


The Dark Lord is here.  He has rewritten all Bibles.  And He is God’s anointed to end the rule of the Eagle.  The serpent.  The Beast.

The Dark Lord’s appetite is for two things, death and blood.  Here is his proclamation of blood and death.

Ezekiel 39:17
“And as for you, son of man, this is what the Lord GOD says: Call out to every kind of bird and to every beast of the field: ‘Assemble and come together from all around to the sacrificial feast that I am preparing for you, a great feast on the mountains of Israel. There you will eat flesh and drink blood.”

Yum yum!  What a treat.  Who is it exactly that the Dark one is calling to eat flesh.

I have found that not only are the bibles the greatest Truth on Earth but now they are also the most desecrated & misleading books on Earth.

Compared to what & how the bibles read just six years hence…they are all a shadow of what they were.  Even the dialect and literary style is vulgar, vile compared to the once stately and righteously articulated royally thought out KJVB’s.

BUT DON’T EXPECT TO REMEMBER HOW YOUR FAMILY BIBLE READ (WHAT IT SAID).   YOU WON’T!  Unless of course you have a calling which requires your full coherence of words with intellectual propriety and a Love in your heart for Truth.  Or you will remember IF your a watchman called to the task of exposing the supernatural bible changes and desecration of all existing biblical types and versions.  There are a couple watchmen or more who have the calling of same.  However they do not “see” the great and miraculous array of supernatural signs and wonders showing the days we are in.  They are “mandela effected”.

They just have the one gift, to see what has changed in bibles.  Many never knew what the bibles said and would not know if it changed by magic on the shelves.  Those who see miraculous word changes all around to books, labels, titles, names etc. call it the “mandela effect”.  They see past the towers of Babble and are pretty much unaffected.  God has shown these people the signs and wonders so they will be saved.

Long short of it is that the mix is so confused of who sees what now a days that it’s impossible to identify the 144,000 just by that ability.  God protects His own.

As for the Gentiles Watchmen who get their signs and wonders from the tv news…well at least they know that the end of days are upon us.  Even if they have no clue that the image of the beast lies like hell.

The watchmen put great stock in what the Image of the Beast proclaims.  And many of them took the mark of the beast and lost their inheritance.  Just as Esau drank the soup so too did some watchmen.  They know they are in the end of days but they are clueless of the signs and wonders all around them.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD.  It’s like have three eyes in a world where 99.9% of mankind only have two eyes.  We the seers of Nazar of Judah no longer fit in this chaotic realm of deceptive signs and wonders.  We have no one to confide in who relates.  But that is how it goes in the wilderness.  And that is exactly where we are.

We must take note that the Youtube Christians/Watchmen seem to be holding on to their Faith under the strong delusion by memory loss.  False memories.  And lies fed to their minds daily by the towers of babble to which they are connected. I am certain God will honor their faithfulness to Him.  It’s quite touching to watch once we get past the frustration of the erroneous reading of scripture which tortures us.

They trample God’s words while we watch and live the prophecies day by day.  Yet we are grateful very grateful that we don’t suffer the tower of babble memory loss.

The 144,000

The chosen have one foot in Zion and one foot on Carmel.  They are in both Spirit and carnal realms.  They are those who know Jesus.  They are those who sat and sit at His feet to learn what is.  They are Mary of Bethany.  And Jacob who climbed on the ladder of troubles.  They are the woman of Rev. 12 and the child.

“For ye must be as little children to inherit God’s Kingdom”.

The 144 are those whom the many call “Satan”.  Mocked for what they see.  And they will endure here as long as its God’s will that they stand.  But their work here is nearly finished.

For nearly seven years the Divine Announcement has bellowed in their Spirit. Nearly seven years time have they poured out and reined upon Earth His soon return.  Bringing dreams, visions, and noble testimonies of Truth Divine.

They have crushed the serpent.  Rode the Sacred Donkey.  Lead many out of purgatory and self condemnation unto righteous judgement.  They have seen death with it’s mighty rock and yet they live. They ripped the vail so they could see past it.   Let them all proclaim to be 144 while no works of Faith hold shorn.    Israel the few need the Gentiles as they need us.  Their paradise shall come if their hearts are True to God The Creator.  If they know His Son Jesus sent to show them the Way, Truth, and Light.

The Deceived

The Christians have no problem with blasphemy, error, nonsense, dialect changes, and blatant insults to God & man coming from the book. They just gloss it over and say “that’s not what that means”.  Plain English no longer matters to those under the babble creed.

“The words will make you down and out…..mountains come out of the sky and stand there.  Twenty four before my Love and you’ll see, I’ll be there with you!”

If you are one who sees you simply must check out the best prophecy song of the end of days YET!  Nobody knew what the hell this song meant until now.  The good thing about this type of prophecy is the validation it brings and the grand mysteries revealed hidden away through time in the words.

Roundabout Yes Fragile.  Prophecy in music.

The New Gospel

Now the Christians “Gospel” is about BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, AND MORE BLOOD!  Seems there are several different gospels now. First they quote the scriptures in First Corinthians 15

What’s wrong with these scriptures…in a word ALOT!
1 Corinthians 15:1 through 4. The alleged gospel.

“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

1Co 15:2
By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

1Co 15:3
For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

1Co 15:4
And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”

Colons and semi-colons denote the worst desecrations with a winky. Furthermore the statement “according to scripture” makes it sound as if the book is the authority over what Jesus did. It’s God’s Holy words that matter and are anointed. The book now calls itself God in many scriptures. As prophesied.
Jesus did not “die for sins”. That’s is a misnomer making it all my fault. All things are of God and this is His plan. The children of God are worthy because they are God’s children. To say Jesus “died for sins” instead of “died for me” is error.

Script two says I am or they are saved by a witch.  “By which.”  It’s the new dialect perverting Truth.  The words do not say or mean what Christians think they do.

He was not buried!

The word “buried” is defined as put into the dirt.  One digs a hole in the ground and drops the body of the dead into it.  Then they cover it. That is the meaning of the word “buried”.  But Christians no longer care about Truth.

The scripture reads that “they loved not The Truth”.  Therefore they fell under the strong illusion a delusion of mind control.

And before you say “you say the bibles are desecrated, then you quote scripture as if it is Truth!”  Yes.  I can do that for one reason well more than one.  By the Grace of God.  And because I still remember the true scriptures.  Thank God!

Notice the word “memory” in script two?  Not all changes are lies.  The Dark Lord does have his choice of which truths he puts into the fluid, ever changing bibles.  Show respect for the Dark Lord because all Gods are appointed by The Creator God Most High.

Is the phrase “Most High” a bible change?  I think it is but its one of the old one’s that I am not certain is new.  Though it is sarcastic given that being “most high” means drug use.


Nevertheless I continue with my commentary of a Scribe.  15:2 hints that if we still have our memory of God’s Truth we shall be delivered and saved from the annihilation of Earth to dust.  The Sodom and Gomorrah event looms of impending doom for many.  But for me it heralds the coming of the New Earth, sacred and alive with all that mankind needs to live abundantly better than ever before.

Nurture your Hope unto the end brothers.  For the eternal gift of Hope is our sacred gift from God.  And it’s key to our ascension and our understanding of what is to come.

The Earth shall be reduced to dust.  And then God will work mighty miracles to create the blessed promised land.



A delusion is not a simple lie. Nor a complex lie.  It means to see things that are not. To remember things that never were.  And to know things which are made up and twisted.  To see evil as good.  To see good as evil.  To see truth as lies and lies as truth.  This is the condition of the end of days Christians whom I have watched on Youtube.

And yet many of them cling only to the Truth in a book of lies.

If you can see what I am about to write, you are chosen.  What the Seer sees is not easy to watch.

The Christians cannot remember Jesus’ words.

“If a person comes to you preaching any other gospel than the gospel of Jesus who rose from the dead depart from them”.

For there shall come in the end of days a new gospel.

And yet they never expected that their own holy book would change magically on the shelves.

ALL OF THEM are desecrated.  ALL BIBLE TYPES & ALL VERSIONS.  Most dialects has fallen to the towers of babble.  Its written still, that if they did not Love God’s Truth they would fall under the strong delusion.

So too their minds change daily as do the bibles.  Changing ongoing with a false history & false gospel.  The spells are upon them as the Holy book become more and more desolate of God’s Truth.  The Locust has flown on the back of the winged creature the abomination is near its completion two fold.  Mind’s and Holy Book.

While the bulk of Christians sit waiting for a temple of antichrist to call IT their “Holy Place”.  They can’t even see that the TV’s and Phones are the Image of the Beast.  They are lost to Truth.

For God put His Divine Presence in all of mankind.  To nurture Faith & Hope with Love eternal.  And yet they took the mark of the beast to save their lives.  Changing their very being to be desecrated by beast.  Their mind over ridden by the towers of babble.

They willingly threw their crown of life on the floor of the alter of the beast.  Hoping to be saved by a poison stab.  A stab which stoled their lineage literally.  And has blocked their spiritual appointment of Love, Faith, and Hope.  Yet what they never nurtured, they do not miss.

And so they embrace the new Holy Book.  The Dark Lord’s words ring in their heart causing no distain for the blasphemy.  They see no evil in it.  And they have lost access to the sacred tree of the knowledge of evil.

Sounds like a fairy tale.  Yes.  One that is hidden deep beneath the strong delusion of the Locust creed and towers of lies.

“Ye shall be as gods seeing, having the knowledge of both evil and good.”  So what is to come for those who see?  The Promise.

Will the blind Christians who proclaim Jesus but apparently never Loved God’s Truth still be saved?  I just don’t know.  They are greatly deceived.  And they are posers.  They spew blasphemy and vulgar new language with its new dialect.  With scriptures and doctrines of demons straight from their holy book of lies and misnomers.

Still we think ‘yes’ if they truly know Jesus and put their faith in Him they are saved.  If they have the faith the size of a tiny mustard seed its all they need for eternal life and life more abundantly.


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