Angry Jane’s Emotional Breakthrough!

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am Angry Jane

who sees the Mandela effects, the full extent of the supernatural bible changes, and the strong delusion lying over the many who do not see into my duel timeline.

The dividing of time is upon me.  I see my reality, and I see their reality.  I have memories that they do not.  I see the forehead marks and the Locust Vulgaris  & felt the spurn of the vile unclean sight.  What can a scribe of God write of if he cannot see it?

Mind you I am now informed since last night that even though professing Christians may have been attacked by the mind numbing Locust, as long as they do not trust in the beast system and add the scorpion sting to the mix then they will overcome the Locust from the pit.

The 144 are trained warriors to see into the dark places of earth.  They saw the beast coming and slaughtered it by God’s Grace of course.   It came on a wing of abomination because it cannot fly itself.

It Took Me Several Years to Reach Emotional Acceptance of What is.

I shed many tears.  And raged inside repeatedly.  I did not think of myself as emotionally fragile.  However now, judging from my behavior over the last six years I see I am fragile.   In weakness we are made strong.

I prayed earnestly for help with my anger.  Yesterday I sought God fervently by Praise.  God abides in the praises of His people.  And I know this.  Today I realized I have been using anger as a dysfunctional coping skill.  Seeing the things I see effected me.

I did not take my anger out on anybody, by God’s Grace.  I would just curse my computer and cuss my way into temporal acceptance.  I was triggered over and over for 5 years by blasphemy in the bible.

Screaming silently or aloud at the figures on youtube or at my laptop “you fricking idiots can’t you see that script is changed!”.   Or I would say out loud (if no one was around) You fricking idiots that isn’t even a word!, or “that word is vulgar” or “what the hell is wrong with you” I would scream at the TV repeatedly as the youtubers quote vile changed curses to the masses in scripture.

I thought it was okay to use anger and rage at the TV or computer as long as I wasn’t hurting anyone.  And up to a point this is true.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do folks.  But today I saw my behavior in a picture show of emotional triggers & responsive patterns that are quite immature.  I have been acting like a child with no coping skills at all.  One who flies off the handle and acts out trashing her own bedroom and throwing clothes around cause she doesn’t know how to cope.

I have coping skill but have never been faced with such extreme patterns of change.  My neuropathways of what is reality has hit dead end after dead end after dead end.  Each supernatural even that to me is unacceptable would trigger in me a fiery upheaval of emotional energy with no where to go except out by my voice & words.

Father God showed me my emotional blocks and my responses to those blocks.  I feel as if a ton of bricks is lifted off my heart and mind.  I feel as if I can breath again freely.  Praise and worship was the key to my overcoming the fear of change.  To walk through the land of unknown bending and swaying with each new reality as it comes.  Flowing like a river to carve out NEW beautiful neuropathways in my brain.

No more boundaries no more dead ends with a fit or a “spell” waiting at each road sign.

Father has us in His hands.  We are part of His New Earth plan.  It’s going to be okay.  We may see some things that will be perplexing.  Things that will drive the Godless to insanity.  But we who are as the swaying trees in the wind of time’s changes shall know that this is not a dead end at all.  The new reality Is a step of Faith.

At each road sign when we hit the emotionally unacceptable crimes against The English Language and God Himself we shall know that it is God who makes these wrongs turn into rights.

All things work together for the good to those who Love Jesus and are the called.  Written in The Lambs Book of Life.  We are the meek and shall inherit the New Earth.


4 Replies to “Angry Jane’s Emotional Breakthrough!”

  1. The Bible has been supernaturally changed and it must be a huge end times sign when God will allow his mighty word to be changed and corrupted!!!
    I’m just glad others see it!

    1. Wordssss The Word of God is Jesus His words are forever fixed in Heaven. We were lead astray to ever call the book by God’s holy name. and now that its desecrated….calling itself “The Word of God” in the book the prophecy is fulfilled. Amos 8:11 &12 the famine of God’s words on Earth.

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